Even Babies Have Wearable Tech Now

The next generation is already glued to their technology. Might as well hand them an iPhone out of the womb. 

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Everyone wants to be high-tech these days, but the creators of Sproutling believe your baby could be the most high-tech family member of all. They've created a wearable baby monitor, which looks like a more cushiony, adjustable FitBit. The team behind Sproutling comes from Apple and Google, so they know a thing or two about easy-to-use tech products. 

In the simplest terms, Sproutling is a monitor of a baby's activity, instead of a traditional video or audio watchdog. It lets you know what your baby is up to, but the notifications are unique. Instead of simply hearing the little nugget make a noise, Sproutling alerts you to his or her various activities through their application.

The app will keep track of whether they are awake or asleep, and specify how long they have been sleeping and what kind of mood your baby is in. So, if your baby wakes up at 3:00 a.m., the app notification would read "Awake and fussy." It will also warn you if outside noise might wake your baby up. And if anything unusual happens, like a strange roll over, a spike in temperature, or change in heart rate, you will get a bright red notification immediately.

Right now, the Sproutling app is available for iOS only, but is coming to Android soon. It comes with three pieces: a band for the sensor; the sensor which measures heart rate, temperature, position, movement, and if the band has been removed; and a wireless charger. A two-hour charge offers three days of usage.

Sproutling will retail for $299, though the presale price is $249. It's pricey, but for new parents who are hoping to eek out an extra hour or two of sleep, it seems worth the cost. Check out the newly launched preview ad below:

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