There's an iPhone Charger That Looks like An Umbilical Cord

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Featured in Discover Magazine's recent "10 Geeky Gifts Inspired by Science" Guide, this delightful charger resembles a human umbilical cord. The Grow Cable was created by artist Iizawa Mio, as a statement about the human attachment to technology. 

The charger is very lifelike. Beyond the accurate texture and color, it also undulates when plugged in. This is supposed to mimic a mother feeding a fetus through the umbilical cord, except it is just you, alone in a room with your shivering iPhone. It moves the entire time it is charging, creeping towards you like a cord shaped alien. 

Check out the cord's undulations here: 

Mio is all about the intersection of the human body and technology. She also created a "Heart on a Leash" while completing her graduate degree at Tama Art University. 

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The very realistic latex heart is on a long cable, representative of an artery. There is a pulse sensor on the end of the cable, where the owner of the heart puts their finger. Then, the motors within the heart cause it to "walk" in time with the user's heartbeat. Mio created this art piece because it "allows you to experience the beating of your heart in the steps that you take."

If you're in the mood for some anatomically correct technology, you can purchase the heart for $10,107.39 and the umbilical cord charger for $6,000. 

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