This Screen Made of Sapphire-Glass Blend Might Be on the Next iPhone

The newest iPhone could have a state of the art screen. 

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Apple's new iPhone 6 may have an interesting and unusual new screen made of a sapphire-glass blend. A leak of the new screen comes via YouTube user Marques Brownlee, who tested the screen and compared it to the existing iPhone 5S.

The video shows a 4.7-inch screen. This is also a development, as it was previously thought only the larger iPhone 6 (Phablet) would get the sapphire blended screen.

Here's the video of the leaked screen:

While it is just a leak, it is in line with Apple's patents. In 2013, Apple filed a patent for "Various sapphire and laminate structures are discussed herein. One embodiment may take the form of a sapphire structure having a first sapphire sheet with a first sapphire plane type forming the major surface and a second sapphire sheet having a second different sapphire plane type forming the major surface. The first and second sapphire sheets are fused together to form the sapphire structure."

Right now, Apple uses sapphire crystal for its camera lenses, as well as for the cover of the iPhone 5S Touch ID sensor. For the screen, they use Gorilla Glass. Sapphire crystal has a number advantages over Gorilla Glass. Mainly, it is a very high quality material and it is much more durable. In his testing, Brownlee actually took sandpaper to both screens. While both do scratch, the sapphire blend was much less scratched when he took sandpaper to it.

Here's the sandpaper test:

This is the most recent in a number of iPhone 6 leaks. So much for all that security at the Apple manufacturing plants.

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