Scientist Creates Ice Cream that Changes Color When You Lick It

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Manuel Linares, a physicist and ice cream enthusiast, has created color changing ice cream. As you lick the ice cream, it changes its hue. Linares called the flavor "Xamaleón," after chameleons. The ice cream changes from periwinkle to pink to purple and so on:

Linares formula is based on the temperature levels and acidity. As the temperature changes and the acidity of the human saliva hits the ice cream, it triggers the color change. Several scientists worked with Linares on the formula for about a week until they perfected it.  Xamaleón tastes like "tutti fruitti."

In order to be such an ice cream pro, "Linares pursued what he has described as a 'Masters Diploma in Creating Artisan Ice Cream.'"

As for his next ice cream trick, Linares is planning 'Xamán.' This ice cream will act as an aphrodisiac. It is made with medicinal plants from Peru and Africa. 

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