Notable Apple Analyst Cites Massive Production Delays for iPhone 6, iWatch

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Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with KGI Securities, has had a great track record for Apple predictions. His latest prediction, however, will disappoint Apple fans. In a memo Kuo sent, obtained by AppleInsider, he predicts the larger iPhone 6, being called the Phablet, will not be sold until the late fall at the earliest.

Previous rumors indicated both iPhone 6 sizes, the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models, would debut in September. While some were predicting both phones would launch on or around September 19th, Kuo believes both iPhones are already facing "production bottlenecks." Specifically, the production issues are surrounding the in-cell touch panel and the metal casing of the device. Earlier reports claimed a battery production issue (to create a thinner battery for the larger Phablet) was occurring as well. 

These production issues have led Kuo to estimate later sales dates. His "most conservative scenario" involves the larger iPhone 6 debuting in 2015, whereas the 4.7-inch would be out in time for the holiday season. He believes if the Phablet does launch in 2014, it would be in the middle of the fourth quarter, likely mid-November. This is much later than the Apple standard for new phone releases, which usually come in September.

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Kuo is not optimistic about the iWatch either. Last week, he also cited production delays for the device, even though manufacturers, Foxconn and Pegatron, have added an estimated 100,000 new jobs to produce the watches in time. He believes sales will not begin until late December, meaning it would skip the highly anticipated holiday sales. 

While Kuo's predictions are usually dead on, these are both quite un-optimistic, and deviate very far from Apple's usual timeline, which they have been careful to follow in past years. This would also point to a much larger issue with Apple's production line, failing on multiple fronts with the casing, battery, touch panel, and watch components. However, as Apple did not unveil any hints at WWDC, all anyone can do is sit around and hope for a September 19 release. And stalk the Internet for rumors, of course. 

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