More Rumors Circulate Around iPhone 6 Release Date

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This fall, Apple is releasing two versions of the iPhone 6. We are expecting to see a standard, 4.7 inch model and a larger 5.5 inch device, perhaps under the name of iPhone Air or Phablet. At this year's World Wide Developers Conference, Apple did not give any hints about when, or even if, we will be seeing these new phones. While the company might be staying silent, a number of rumors are pointing to a September release date.

In May, German phone company Deutsche Telekom told customers they can expect the iPhone 6 on September 19. Another report from Tencent also stated the iPhone 6 would hit shelves on September 19. However, there is now a conflicting report from is predicting a launch of both devices on September 25, a Thursday. This is a major development, as in April, Taiwan’s Business Times said battery production issues may push back the launch of the larger iPhone into late fall. 

Curiously, also predicts that Apple will first unveil both models on September 15, a Monday, allowing for over a week of pre-orders to pour in. While has had successful predictions in the past, their dates seem unlikely. Apple has historically unveiled new phones on Fridays, rather than on Mondays or Thursdays. 

While their dates might be iffy, a source told that the larger iPhone 6 would officially be named "iPhone Air." This is a solid prediction, as Phablet is a strange word Apple has not previously used, and because the models would come out at the same time, the 6C/6S naming would not hold up. 

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