Japanese Artist Arrested After Turning 3D Rendering of Her Vagina Into a Kayak

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Rokudenashiko, a Japanese artist, has been arrested in relation to a recent art project of hers, a vagina-shaped kayak. Her real name is Megumi Igarashi and she is being held in Tokyo for allegedly sending images of her vagina for money. The case, however, is much more complicated.

Note: This article contains many images of vagina models, molds, and other art. While not that graphic, proceed at your own risk.

Rokudenashiko is an artist who specializes in art of the vagina. The vagina kayak is not her first foray into vagina-related art work, but it is the largest, and now, perhaps her most famous piece. She makes a variety of smaller pieces, like dioramas, iPhone cases, T-shirts, and small sculptures:

Here she is discussing her vagina-art ambitions, and making some dioramas:

For the vagina kayak, Rokudenashiko decided to raise funds via online crowdsourcingHere she delivering her crowdsourcing pitch for the vagina kayak:

If you contributed to the project, called "Pussy boat," you could receive a 3D-scanned image of Rokudenashiko's vagina. Then you could print it out if you so desired. The 3D-printed image was instrumental to her creation of her art piece. She made the rendering, then expanded it to a kayak size, and used it for the model of the boat. This allowed her to get the very exact details and curvatures of her own private parts. 

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Here's one of the renders she was arrested over:

First, she used the 3D-rendered images of her genitalia to make smaller models of the kayak, like this: 

via Facebook.

Unfortunately, it was the selling of those images that got her in trouble with authorities. She was quoted by police as saying, "I don't think this is obscene." You keep doing you, Japan. 

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