Google Glass Director Jumps to Amazon

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Babak Parviz, the Google executive behind the development of Google Glass, has left the search giant to join Amazon. He announced his departure from Google in a Google Plus post (which is probably the last time he will ever see that platform) this weekend and has confirmed to CNET he has already started at Amazon. This move comes shortly after Parviz left his post as head of Google Glass. 

In an email to CNET, Parviz said, "The primary reason for the move is being excited about what we might accomplish at Amazon."

This move indicates, perhaps, Amazon is considering their own wearable headset. They have been pumped more funding into devices, with this year's new smartphone (the Fire Phone) and streaming TV device, as well as its existing line of tablets. 

The jump will only further the ongoing poaching feud among, not just Google and Amazon, but all the West Coast based technology companies. Just last week, Amazon sued Google over a non-compete agreement for a cloud employee who switched sides. This employee spent a month not working after leaving Amazon, and Google created a position in which he would not work on Amazon-related projects for the first six months of his employment. Amazon felt this was not strong enough, and sued anyhow.

Parviz, however, started at Amazon immediately after leaving Google. In California, non-competes are not allowed, so this is a symbolic poaching, rather than a potential legal issue for Amazon. 

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