Apple Will Lay Off Almost A Third of Beats Employees

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Apple blog 9to5Mac has learned Apple will lay off a portion of Beats Electronics and Beats Music employees when the acquisition is complete.

Over the last two weeks, Apple executives met with Beats employees to offer some jobs, but about 200 out of the 700 employees have not made the cut. It seems most of the development and creative employees are being kept. However, overhead positions, including support, finance, and HR, are being laid off. Some employees are being kept on only until January 2015. 

Apple offered this statement to Re/code, "We’re excited to have the Beats team join Apple, and we have extended job offers to every Beats employee. Because of some overlap in our operations, some offers are for a limited period and we’ll work hard during this time to find as many of these Beats employees as we can another permanent job within Apple."

Beats executives Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre will work with Apple in some capacity, however, the details are not completely clear in regards to their roles. Both Trent Reznor, who is Beats Chief Creative Officer, and Ian Rogers, Beats Music Chief Operating Officer, will be absorbed by Apple. 

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