You Can Now Buy a 370-Inch Television Named 'Zeus'

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The mother of all televisions is here. Originally commissioned as a special order for an Xbox presentation in 2013, the world's largest screen is now available for regular customers. Well, not quite regular customers. You'll need to have 370 inches worth of wall space, and $1.6 million. It's very aptly named Zeus

This massive television is available for custom order and thus far Titan Screens has received one order. The person who shelled out almost $2 million for the mega-screen has requested anonymity (otherwise a lot of people would want to come over to watch Game of Thrones.)

Titan is known for their giant screens. The smallest product they advertise is a 173-inch television. To be clear, this is a television screen; not a projection screen, but an actual pixelated, good old fashion set. Zeus's screen has 65 billion colors, 4k resolution, and weighs about a ton. 

A similar version of Zeus is set to be on display in Cannes, France, this summer. Check out the set up here:

Right now, only four Zeus TVs exist. If you feel inclined to own this behemoth, you can order one through Please invite us over for movies. 

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