World's Largest Video Game Collection Sells for a Pretty Penny

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Last week, Michael Thomasson put his record-setting video game collection up to auction. Thomasson has amassed the largest video game collection in the world, with almost 11,000 unique games. It's now gone to the highest bidder for three-quarter of a million dollars.

Thomasson sold this collection, along with the Guinness World Record he received in 2012, for $750,250. That's about $68 per game. Many of the games in his collection are originals, still in their packaging. He began this collection in 1998. Years of working for a game resale website and managing a gaming store allowed Thomasson to create a unique and impressive collection. Now, someone can proudly display all the titles or resell them individually at a profit. 

The auction received over fifty bids, including two from Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey. A bidding war between two users began around the $500,000 mark, increasing the price a quarter of a million dollars in about seven hours. 

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