Uber Users Get the Chance to Summon Optimus Prime

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Uber just took car ordering (and cross-promotional movie tie-ins) to a new level. Their latest promotion allows you to order an Autobot. Well, the Autobot, as your ride. Today in Dallas, on June 19 in Phoenix, and the 21st in Los Angeles, you will be able to request Optimus Prime as your Uber vehicle. Transformation into a giant Earth-rescuing robot not included.

If you're lucky enough to live in an Optimus Prime-having city (much to my disappointment, it isn't available in New York,) you just have to select the "Autobots" option, just as you would for UberX or UberSUV, set your pick up location and press "Roll Out!"

You get fifteen minutes with Mr. Prime before it has to roll off to the next Uber user. The Michael Bay movie franchise may never end, but there's only one Optimus Prime, so it will be a very competitive ride. 

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