There's an App That Lets You Say 'Yo' to Your Friends... and Nothing Else

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Yo is a communications app that has raised an impressive $1 million. It's impressive because all it does is let you send your friends the word "Yo." That's all. Nothing else. At all. Ever. Just... yo. 

The app only took eight hours to build, which isn't surprising at all, considering it only does one very simple thing. The "Yo" then appears as a push notification on your device, which you can open to send your friend a "Yo" back. 

The reviews are pretty awesome... and definitely not serious:

But the creator of the app, Arbel, is dead serious about it. He quit his job and moved from Israel to San Francisco to work on Yo full time. He is working to open an office, hire engineers, and continues to seek investors on top of the $1 million he has already raised.

After a day of using it, I can say confidently that there is absolutely no point to it at all, so like everything else useless on the Internet, I'm sure it'll raise millions. Apps like this are why people think the tech bubble is going to burst any day now. 

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