This Smart Cup Can Identify Any Beverage You Pour Into It

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Vessyl is the smartest cup you didn't know you needed. There's nothing tech people love as much as caffeine, and now they have the means to monitor every drop they take in, through a cup that can determine exactly what you are drinking — and how it affects your body.

If you're particularly health conscious, or trying to kick a bad Diet Coke habit (guilty), Vessyl will be a constant reminder of exactly what you are pouring into it — and into your stomach. By breaking down the liquid to a molecular level, the cup itself can recognize what you are drinking (liquor and brand names included), the caloric makeup, pryme (your hydration needs), and the quantity you poured into it. Then, it will intelligently track the impact of those beverages on your health.

This information then appears on the Vessyl app. You can look at the stats of your beverage: calories, sugars, caffeine, protein, fats, and sodium. The recording is automatic to the Vessyl app, which is available for iOS and Android. 

Besides being intelligent, it is still, well, a cup. It has a spill proof lid, non stick interior, and it won't shatter when dropped. It charges up through a charging coaster. One hour of charge gives you a week of usage. 

It doesn't come cheap. Vessyl is $199, though the presale price is $99. It's going to ship in early 2015, but it's already done $50,000 in pre-sales. 

Vessyl picked a killer time to launch. Once we see iOS 8 out in full force and more developments to the already booming Samsung health system, Vessyl will have the chance to incorporate their app and service more directly into the two largest smartphone markets. 

I just wish it would yell at me every time I poured a Diet Coke. Check it out in action here:

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