Another Reason to Camp Out at Starbucks: Wireless Phone Charging

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Finally, you won't have to stalk the person sitting by the outlet in Starbucks to get a quick charge on your phone. The coffee chain is bringing wireless charging spots for smartphones to their shops across the country. 

The pilot program began last year in Boston and San Jose, through a partnership with Duracell Powermat. The success of the pilot led Starbucks to make this a nationwide standard. 

Adam Brotman, chief digital officer at Starbucks, said, "We were pleased with the customer response to the pilot tests, and we're now expanding this offering nationally to provide our customers a quality and reliable experience." The first stores to get the new charging system will be in San Francisco and New York, then other metropolitan areas will be added in 2015. 

The charging spots will be built into tables and countertops. The actual charging is done through magnetic induction, though you may need a Powermat compatible case. There are also compatible back panels you can put on your smartphone which makes it able to charge through Powermat. 

Considering a tall latte is $6 in Manhattan, the least Starbucks can do was offer our phones a fill-up too. 

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