Wearable Gadget Monitors Your Breathing, So It Can Tell You to Calm Down

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Wearable fitness technology has made great strides recently, with both Apple and Samsung creating entire portals for keeping track of your health. There are tons of wearable options on the market, but this is the first that is specifically concerned with your breathing and how it affects your state of mind. Meet Spire

Spire is a small clip-like device, which you can attach to your belt or undergarments, much like an old school step counter. It just has to be attached to somewhere where it can feel you breathe. 

Spire measures the number of steps you take, the vigor of your exercise, your motions (sitting, standing, laying down) and your breaths. Then, it sends you appropriate notifications. For example, if you've been sitting too long, Spire reminds you that you should stretch your legs. If your breath quickens or you haven't taken a deep breath in a while, it will suggest a breathing exercise.

Because it's linked to your mobile device, the exercises are like little games on the screen, such as filling up bubbles with a series of deep breaths, watching your progress on the device. 

The battery lasts for a week and takes a few hours to recharge. Right now, it's on pre-sale for $109. When it launches in full in September, it'll retail for $149. 

Check out Spire in action:

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