Samsung Galaxy Premiere 2014: It's Really Dark in Here

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Samsung was not messing around when they said this event was about tabbing into color. In fact, the only light in the Madison Square Garden theater right now is the pulsating colorful screen. There's a spotlight that is flashing yellow occasionally, but the true source of light, highlighting the theme of the event, is the rainbow theater screen. While the photographers might be a little frustrated, the ushers told me this was done very much on purpose and was planned in advance.

Considering the enthusiasm Samsung is putting forth about color, I hope to see really major leaps forward for both the OLED screen. This could also be good news for seeing a colorful device. HTC and iPhone 5C brought us colorful devices, and Galaxy might join their ranks tonight. 

So, if I don't trip getting to my seat in this very dark room, I'll be live blogging the rest of the event. 

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