The iWatch is Coming This Fall, Says Nikkei

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Either Tim Cook personally heard my request for an iWatch yesterday or the rumor mill is particularly well-timed this week because Nikkei reporter Yuichiro Kanematsu is claiming an iWatch is hitting the market in October

Kanematsu did not specify any sources, but his insider tells him the "new watch-like wearable gear will run on this OS, which will be equipped with a centralized function to manage users' biometric information via smartphones." 

Unfortunately, Nikkei wasn't able to confirm any product specs because they are allegedly still being finalized. They do believe it will have a curved OLED touchscreen and be able to collect fitness data like calorie consumption, sleep activity, blood glucose, and blood oxygen levels. Then, this data will auto-sync with an iOS device. 

The parts manufacturer told Nikkei that they are planning a commercial output of three-to-five million units per month. That would put the iWatch above and beyond the global sales for all smart watches last year. 

As for how legit the report is, well, I'm inclined to believe it (though I am really pro-iWatch.) We have been hearing about a potential iWatch for months, there are competitors on the market Apple is looking to quash, and Nikkei has a good track record with Apple news. They were dead on with Apple launch dates in the past.

On the other hand, the WWDC didn't make any mention of an iWatch in their HealthKit presentation, and the first HealthKit commercial basically had every wearable tech product under the sun except an iWatch.

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