How to Ruin a Glasshole's Day

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A Berlin artist and anti-Google Glass enthusiast has created a new technology that jams Google Glass Wi-Fi reception. It's called and it detects when a Glass device near you is on wi-fi through its media access control. Then it blocks that access by using Aircrack-NG to impersonate the wireless network and de-authorize the command. All of that tech speak is to say: It turns the wi-fi off just for Glass users. 

Apart from jamming the Internet connection, it can also "emit a beep to signal the Glass-wearer’s presence to anyone nearby." runs on Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone mini computers. It works through a USB network antenna. 

Even though you can ruin a Glasshole's day by jamming their wi-fi, they'll still be able to record video and take pictures., Julian Oliver, is adding to the culture war between Glassers and average folks that think it's a little weird to wear a computer on your face. A few weeks ago, a New York restaurant, Feast, asked a woman to remove her Glass while dining. She complained, and the Internet exploded, spurring dozens of bad reviews for the restaurant — and a few supportive ones as well.

If Feast is still anti-Glass, we recommend they invest in a USB network antenna and get to jamming. 

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