FCC Is Getting Involved in the Netflix 'Slow Internet' Spat

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The FCC is continuing its aggressive course by wading into the fight between Netflix and internet service providers (ISPs) about what is causing slow internets. In recent weeks, Netflix has been (publicly) duking it out with Verizon through a campaign of direct shaming about the latter's alleged poor streaming speeds. 


Following the posting of disclaimers like the one above, Verizon demanded that Netflix stop doing that. The question is: Who is actually causing the slow internet speeds? Well, the FCC, which has maintained a robust agenda lately from debating net neutrality and contemplating making broadband a public utility, has had enough and is going to get to the bottom of it.

FCC Chair Tom Wheeler said yesterday: 

The bottom line is that consumers need to understand what is occurring when the Internet service they've paid for does not adequately deliver the content they desire, especially content they've also paid for."

Rather than regulate, the FCC is merely fact-finding right now, looking into the agreements between the parties involved. But this specific dispute engenders many of the specific issues that the FCC has been pursuing as of late. And, for Wheeler, it sounds like it's a little personal.

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