Facebook's Accidentally Launched Their Version of Snapchat Then Quickly Pulled It

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Facebook accidentally released Slingshot, their Snapchat competitor, and then pulled it from the app market almost immediately. That's a pretty major oops for the tech giant. 

The app went live in several countries on Monday before being pulled from the App Store. Facebook told The Verge, "Earlier today, we accidentally released a version of Slingshot, a new app we're working on. With Slingshot, you'll be able to share everyday moments with lots of people at once. It'll be ready soon and we're excited for you to try it out." 

Before Slingshot was pulled, it was tested by a number of users who learned it's, well ... just like Snapchat. You send videos and pictures that disappear, and you can write on them and caption them. The main difference: to open a friend's Sling, you have to send them one back. (They are called Slings, right? We're going to call them Slings.) There's also a React button that appears while you are viewing the Sling, so you can send a real time reaction back to your friend. 

Facebook is clearly bitter that Snapchat rejected their $3 billion offer, but their competitive app isn't all that great, and certainly not innovative. If you can't buy them, copy them. Or something. 

Here are the screenshots that , via The Verge:














At least it's better than Moments

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