Twitter Favorite @EveryWord Will Tweet Its Final Word This Weekend

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In 2007, @Everyword set out to tweet every single word in the English language. It started as an experiment by Adam Parrish, a programmer and a New York University professor. He programmed @everyword to tweet one word every 30 minutes until there were no more words. Sometime this weekend — even Parrish isn't totally sure when — it will complete its task.

Parrish was surprised at how successful and widely followed (it has almost 100,000 followers) @everyword is, “Just the fact that it has so many followers is a constant surprise. No one’s ever accused me of being accessible.”

When Parrish first set up @everyword, he pulled the list of words from a script he found online. He can't remember which script he used, so he's unsure exactly what word will be last or when exactly it will end. As for what will happen after it gets to the last word, Parrish isn't saying. 

“I haven’t decided yet," he told the Washington Post, "I know that sounds irresponsible, since a lot of people want to know. It’s on track to end the weekend of June 6.” Our word for that? Sad.

The beginning:

The beginning of the end:

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