Elon Musk Wants Everyone to Use Tesla Superchargers

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Elon Musk wants all electric car models to use his Tesla Superchargers, and he plans on sharing the technology behind them willingly. The Supercharger is a, well ... super-fast charging station for Tesla vehicles that provides "half a charge in as little as 20 minutes." It's efficient and the speed makes charging more comparable to putting gas in your car. 

At the British launch of the Tesla Model S this weekend, Musk said he is considering creating a standard Supercharger that could be interchangeable with other electric car providers. It would also allow other models to use existing Supercharger stations in the U.S.

If Musk does go through with this plan, he wants the competitors to go along with Tesla's "free power for life" clause. All the electricity used to charge up a Tesla at the Superchargers is included in the (hefty) purchase price of the car. This is not the case for other electric cars. If competitors choose to partner with Musk to make standard Superchargers a reality, they will have to adopt this model and help Tesla pay to maintain the charging stations. 

Of course, competitors could also reject the offer with hopes of building something more efficient on their own.

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