Diane Von Furstenberg's Google Glass Frames Are Still Weird and Nerdy

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Google Glass would like to tell you how cool and chic it is, thanks to new designs from Diane von Furstenberg. Spoiler alert: they are not chic or cool. Instead, you will look like a Glasshole and a fake cop combined, thanks to the heinous aviator option. 

So, for $1,500, you can have this original model and just look like kind of silly and vaguely alienating:

But for $1,800, you can have this model and look, silly, definitely alienating, and kind of like V. Stiviano:

And for the same premium price of $1,800, you can have an all clear, hipster style, DVF-branded thing on your face:

I love a wrap dress as much as anyone, but the DVF models are more off putting than the original.

Still, these are technically an improvement: Google Glass lead designer Isabelle Olsson said Google Glass started off two years ago as a "scuba mask with a phone attached to it" that had "cables running down to a backpack." 

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