BlackBerry Gains Access to Amazon Appstore, for Anyone Who Still Has a BlackBerry

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If you are one of the handful of people who still uses a BlackBerry for non-work purposes, congratulations, you now have access to the Amazon Appstore.

Just before Amazon's own big event today, BlackBerry announced in a blog post that it has struck a deal with Amazon to gain access to the 200,000 Android apps available in their market. They will be available this fall when BlackBerry 10.3 launches. 

So, a few years later than everyone else, you will have access to Groupon (which still exists, apparently), Netflix, Pinterest, Candy Crush, and Minecraft. BlackBerry will continue operating their own app store, but it will begin shuttering the music and video portions of the store on July 21st. 

I would be willing to bet more users access the Amazon Appstore through the Fire Phone than BlackBerry 10 by the time 10.3 becomes publicly available. 

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