Apple Manufacturer Goes on Mass Hiring Spree Ahead of iPhone 6 Production

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Foxconn, a key Apple manufacturer, is gearing up for major iPhone production. Whenever Apple prepares to create a new iPhone model, their overseas manufacturers go through a massive hiring frenzy, but the iPhone 6 ramp up is unlike any other.

For iPhone 6, Foxconn is in the process of adding 100,000 new employees. Pegatron, another iPhone manufacturer, is also adding a major (though not exactly quantified) number of production jobs. 

According to a report from the Taiwanese Economic Daily, Foxconn may be responsible for producing as many as 70 percent of new iPhone 6 orders. The production is set to start in July, which would be cutting it close for a September launch, but is in line with an October launch. That would also match the iWatch's projected production model.

Those 100,000 new employees will likely be subject to major security checks, as Apple has been extremely diligent about trying to keep leaks coming from manufacturers to a minimum

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