Apple Looks to Upgrade Touch ID for Future Devices

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With iPhone 6 around the corner, rumors are circulating about exactly what will change on the newest version of the phone. The screen size is increasing, buttons might be moving slightly, and now signs are pointing to an improved Touch ID sensor. 

Touch ID is expected to be on all new iPhones and iPads going forward. The fingerprint scanner will be getting internal improvements before hitting all of these devices, as reported by China Times and G for Games initially. A source reports Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, which makes the Touch ID sensor, will ship about 120 million units this year. That is up 233 percent from last year.

As for the improvements, the first order of business is to make the home button more durable. The Touch ID will be built at an expanded 8-inch chip fabrication plant.

There are also rumored software improvements, aiming at security. Apple will open Touch ID to third-party developers, so perhaps the ultimate privacy solution will come from an outside engineer. While it is nice to think Apple can improve the fingerprint sensing technology to be more secure, hackers have been extremely efficient at beating the Touch ID system in past releases. 

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