Aereo to Shut Down All Service Today

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Earlier this week, the Supreme Court found Aereo's practices are in violation of federal copyright laws. Aereo has been around for about a year and was rapidly expanding across major cities throughout the country. It allows, for a small fee, for users to stream live broadcast television to their mobile devices. It was innovative, inexpensive, and unfortunately, not quite legal. 

In light of the Supreme Court case, customers waited to see if their service would stop streaming. It has been working in full the last several days, however, today at 11:30 a.m., Aereo will end. Customers will be refunded for their last month of payment. Strangely, the free trial option is still available on their website, which does ask for a credit card to hold on file

This is not completely surprising, considering CEO Chet Kanojia admitted there was no "Plan B" option in the event Aereo lost the Supreme Court case. Their lead investor, Barry Diller, also felt that they had given it their best shot, but that nothing more could be done. At the time of collapse, Aereo had $97 million in venture capital. 

Here is the CEO's complete email to customers


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