Aaron Paul Is Accidentally Turning on Xboxes Everywhere

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Aaron Paul is the star of Xbox One's new ad campaign. In the commercial, the Breaking Bad star demonstrates the console's voice commands by clearly saying, "Xbox On." That command is causing some serious issues for Xbox users who come across the commercial on their own TVs at home.

If the commercial's sound gets picked up by a user's Kinect, their Xbox One will automatically turn on. Strangely, this isn't happening for all users, nor for all commands voiced in the commercial. Only when Paul says "Xbox On" does anything occur; the other commands he says don't have any effect. 

This is calling into question whether or not Microsoft, Xbox's creator, planned for this to occur. Of course the advertising copywriters at Xbox are aware what that phrase does, and it could be an added push for players to discover the voice command feature on their Xbox. 

Check out the ad here (just not within earshot of your Xbox):

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