A Taxonomy of Selfies from the Apple WWDC Keynote

When you gather a group of tech journalists who all own smart phones in a large room together for a big event like the Apple developer conference, you best believe selfies are going to be taken in front of the stage. 

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The Apple WorldWide Developer Conference is all about showing things off. So when a mass of tech journalists who all own the latest and greatest smartphones gather in one room, the selfies will fly. And fly they did today inside the Moscone West Convention Center, at least during the lead-up to today's keynote presentation.

There were several distinct varieties of selfie taken at WWDC on Monday, but as longtime watchers of the Apple hype machine know, there is a familiar pattern to the snaps. We'll go through them all here, from the boring to the interesting, though all are embarrassing on some level, if only because the lighting inside a dark theater (combined with the camera on a cellphone) does not work well for selfies.

Here are some of the common selfie strategies you'll find at WWDC:

The "waiting in this impossibly long line" selfie:

The "I'm going to pretend I'm ashamed to take a selfie, but not really because here's a selfie" selfie

Caption: "Keynote selfie. What am I, 12 years old? #wwdc"

The "I made it inside the room" selfie

The group selfies:

The "I'm not actually there" selfie:

He easily wins the "cutest WWDC selfie" award in a walk. But all pale in comparison to the most coveted of all Apple keynote selfies... 

The Tim Cook selfie:

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