This Camera Lets You Take 360-Degree HD Photos and It's Awesome

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The new 360cam offers photos with a 360-degree view in full HD. As if that weren't impressive enough, it allows real time streaming over Wi-Fi to your tablet or smartphone. Its KickStarter has exploded, already raising all the funding they need to create the product, with a month to spare. They now hope to ship for this year's holiday season.

The 360cam team has been working on the camera for the last two years. They gave it a funky egg shape, distinctly different from GoPro, which is guaranteed to be a major competitor. The most interesting feature is the lenses. They use three 185 degree fish-eye lenses. Together, they capture and stitch the image together in real time.

Those three lenses can also be covered, making it waterproof; they call this option the "360 goggle." Again, this solidifies 360cam as GoPro competitor. They're also in the same general price range: 360cam starts at $249, GoPro is at $199.99. 

The capabilities are pretty straight forward: real time streaming, recorded video, and photography. All start with just one click, so its an immediate capture. 

Check it out in action:

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