3D Printing ... with Nutella

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Yes, 3D printers are having a moment. They're making food, home supplies, robots, and can even clone objects. Now, a device has found a way to incorporate different forms of 'ink' all in the same nozzle of existing printers — everything from icing and Nutella to spackle and silicone. 

The Discov3ry Extruder has launched on Kickstarter, and already raised $56,000, almost double their goal. They create an extruder that can be attached to most existing 3D printer's standard extruder tips. Then, you set the specifications to what you will be printing with (silicone and Nutella are quite different materials) and you can print as you normally would. 

Through Kickstarter, the extruder runs $249. It was created by Charles Mire, John Mardlin, and Andrew Finkle in Canada, who made it to resolve the issue of paste printing. “Paste printing is a difficult problem. Many attempts at an affordable paste extruder have been made previously,” they said on their Kickstarter page. “By focusing on reinventing only the parts of the printer that are involved with the delivery and extrusion of the material means that we’re able to move faster, and develop a better product.”

I want it to print me a spoon made of Nutella that I can use to eat more Nutella.

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