3D Gestures Are Coming to Microsoft's Next Windows Phone

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Step aside, Apple. Today, Windows is the victim of a leak. The flagship Windows Phone codenamed "McLaren" was revealed to have some seriously cool features. Mainly, it will feature something called "3D Touch," which will allow the user to control the phone using gestures, like scrolling and flipping, without actually touching the screen. 

3D Touch is also known as "Real Motion." The phone detects the users gestures through several sensors. The most useful motions will be picking up the phone when it's ringing, a gesture that automatically answers the call; turning on speakerphone by setting the phone on a solid surface; and ending a call by putting the phone back in your pocket. Mute can be turned on by holding your hand over the phone and alerts dismissed by waving your hand over the screen. It's a seriously smart phone. 

It is expected that the grip on the phone will also act as a gesture. For example, if you hold it over your head in bed (as I often do, before dropping my phone on my face by accident), then 3D Touch will activate to auto-lock the screen in that position. It's also expected that zoom will be activated by sliding fingers along the side of the phone. The power button may also be grip activated, eliminating the need for an actual button. 

"McLaren" is likely coming in November and will be carried by Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. 

Amazon is set to release a smartphone with its own 3D features soon. From there, it will just be a competition of whose gesture detection is more user friendly. 

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