Your Samsung Galaxy Can Now Tell How Stressed Out You Are

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In the latest move by smartphone makers to make you healthier through technology, Samsung has introduced a new way for Galaxy S5 users to tell if they are stressed out. Because your actual feelings aren't enough, apparently, your phone will now let you know what your stress levels are using a heart rate monitor.

When your heart rate is sped up, your phone will think you are stressed out. This isn't exactly the best way to read "stress," as your heart rate can increase from working out or even watching an exhilarating movie.

This latest feature can be found on S-Health, Samsung's dedicated health app. Once you get the latest update, your phone will be happy to tell you how you're feeling. 

While the stress meter is far from perfect, Samsung can say that it beat Apple — who is set to realize their competitive app, HealthBook — to the punch.

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