You Can Now Get a 3D Printer for Under $200

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Three-dimensional printing is about to get a whole lot easier, cheaper, and more user-friendly. What once seemed like science fiction can now be yours for just $199, thanks to New Matter's new MOD-t 3D printer

MOD-t is a relatively small 3D printer that comes with software and a store full of printable designs. The printer itself works on a two axis motion system, so it moves and builds at the same time. This way, it prints more consistently, and more cheaply than alternatives. That's part of why they can offer it for $199.

The printer itself comes in black and white, in case you want to match your decor. 

MOD-t is going to have a matching online store, where you can buy a design that will then print into an object. So, its kind of like you're buying an idea and watching it unfold. The store will be full of models, limited edition items, and also basic things you can use in your office. They're also allowing 3D artists to submit designs now, and paying for the creations they select. The store is calibrated specifically for the MOD-t, so other 3D printer owners are out of luck.

As for the actual software that comes with MOD-t, it'll help you organize, print and customize designs. You can then share the 3D things you'd like to create with others. 

You can get your own here and check out the MOD-t in action below:

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