Why You Shouldn't Friend the People You Rob on Facebook

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In an exceptionally dumb twist on the way we live now, a guy in Washington was caught after friending the person he robbed the day before on Facebook. Riley Allen Mullins was charged with second-degree robbery in Kitsap District Court after he reportedly sent a friend request to the woman he struck in the head from behind at a ferry terminal before making off with her iPod and purse.

And so here began the reversal of a new trend. Covered earlier this month in the New York Times, victims of iPhone theft have reportedly been using the "Find My iPhone" app to track down their assailants and confront them about stealing their stuff.

Police departments around the country have rightly been frowning up this practice because it is exceedingly dangerous. 

And so what should criminals do when they make off with someone's shiny Apple products? If reassessing one's life trajectory is not an option and returning the items seems too much, then probably nothing. Mullins managed to be identified after the the woman he robbed recognized the triangle tattoo on his neck from one of his pictures. 


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