WhatsApplebee's: The Social App for People Who REALLY Love Applebee's

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Have you ever wanted to participate in the 2 for $20 Showdown at Applebee's, but found that you were #foreveralone? Well, don't worry: there is a solution. A new app, WhatsApplebee's (cringe), has just hit the iTunes store. Calling itself the "hottest new social network", WhatsApplebee's is a "free, anonymous real-time chat service that lets you connect with friends, strangers and other fans of the restaurant chain." To make it extra exclusive, the app can only be used when you are physically inside an Applebee's, because that will really help weed out the Bees posers. 

The app is not actually affiliated with the restaurant chain. The creator, Michael Lazer-Walker, just really seems to like Applebee's. As it turns out, based on reviews there are at least 22 people with similar opinions of the brand. 

It's unclear to tell whether the app is a joke, or if some people just really, really like Applebee's (I'm leaning towards joke.) Here are some of the more delightful (and wacky) user reviews:

"I'm feeling good in the neighborhood" by Tanner

Finally, a way to leverage my social graph and connect with other Applebee's influencers and evangelists!

"Changed my life" by Vivekxk

I thought this app was a joke at first but after using it it completely turned my life around. It cured my crippling depression, and I was able to connect with a bunch of new friends. 

"Facebooked my table for new friends" by Monincapn 

My biggest struggle with my Applebee's patronage has been talking to my fellow brand advocates through a mouth full of mozzarella sticks! Lol! Now I can text with my Applebesties right from the app, without slowing down my meal. Brilliant!

So head on over to iTunes and meet your new Applebesties, everyone.

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