Easter Egg in New 'Watch Dogs' Game Pokes Fun at 'Assassin Creed'

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One of the most anticipated video games of the year, Watch Dogs was released on Tuesday. The user gets to play the hero, Aidan Pearce, who has access to one of the most unusual weapons in the video game sphere: hacking. While it officially came out today, some players got their hands on early copies and immediately began looking for easter eggs hidden in the massive open-world of the game.

One of the first Easter Eggs came from avid gamer Mr Murdoc, who runs a YouTube channel dedicated to the craft. It pokes fun at another Ubisoft (the company behind Watch Dogs) game, Assassin's Creed

In Watch Dogs, Aiden can view a video of a father and son playing Assassin's Creed. They're talking while they play:

Father: "Why is he doing that?"
Son: "He's an assassin, Dad."
Father: "Well, I mean...why is he talking to that guy he just killed?"
Son: "It's a confession."
Father: "Well that, that's just dumb."
Son: "Dad, please. you're ruining it."

The conversation is a mocking of the words typically exchanged between the Assassin and his victims in Assassin's Creed. Gaming Blend reporter Peter Haas says the Easter Egg has a "fair point. After you've assassinated someone, it's a little strange to treat them like a kid you just tucked into bed." We would agree with Haas; it is a weird move in Assassin's Creed and therefore the perfect kind of feature that bugs developers and gamers alike enough to build an easter egg around it. 

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Both games were developed in the same office, Ubisoft Montreal, so this is a friendly sibling rivalry. The games share a few other similarities. Reddit users found that some of the people Aiden encounters used to work for a company called Abstergo. Abstergo is also featured in Assassin's Creed:

Abstergo in Watch Dogs
via Gaming Blend. 

With the full release of the game coming today, we can expect to see way more easter eggs coming out. We're hoping to see more overlap between Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs unearthed, but if not, we'll settle for some more joking between the developers of both games. 

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