Vine Launches Its Own Tiny YouTube

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Vine has created a six-second YouTube. The super quick video sharing app has revised and expanded  its website to allow anyone to watch and search for videos. Previously, only Vine users were able to do this. 
The new web version also allows users to make playlists and view featured content. Vine has also brought its most used app pages online: Channels, 'Explore, 'Popular Now,' and trending Vines are now available on the website
Vine TV is arguably the best feature of the updated website. TV mode creates a never ending stream of Vines using the same tag. By pressing the TV icon on any page, it will automatically create an endless feed of new clips, consuming half your browser screen. We recommend checking out #whaling on TV mode. 
Because it does not require a login or account to explore the website, Vine is setting itself apart from its other social media competition, especially Instagram. The Instagram website has needed a facelift for some time, as it's hard to explore and impossible to share without using the phone apps. What Vine lacks in users over Instagram, it makes up for in design and usability. Twitter, which owns Vine, has had an ongoing feud with Instagram (which is owned by Facebook), so we should expect retaliation from them soon—hopefully tinted with a nice Valencia filter. 

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