Verizon Absolutely Does Not Want to Buy Dish Network

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Despite all the merger madness in the telecommunications industry, Verizon wants to make it clear that it really, really does not want to buy Dish Network. Rumors that the mobile and satellite giant were interested in merging began circulating after mobile giant AT&T announced their proposed merger with satellite giant DirecTV. 

CEO Lowell McAdam told investors at the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference on Tuesday morning that this is absolutely not true"I know there are reports out there that we are talking to Dish. I can tell you now, that is someone's fantasy. There were not, and there are not, discussions going on with Dish." 

In fact, McAdam took the opportunity to tell Dish they are never, ever going to be together. "I don't think owning a satellite company is something I'm interested in at this point." Loud and clear, McAdam. 

The AT&T/DirecTV merger leaves Dish in a difficult position. Dish CEO Charles Ergen has said he cannot outbid AT&T's almost $49 billion offer. In 2001, Dish tried to buy DirecTV, but the deal failed due to concerns from regulators. Maybe Dish can try cozying up to another mobile giant, because Verizon is not having any of it. I hear Vodafone might be single? 

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