Uber's App Is Going to Be Standard on All New AT&T Androids

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Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has revealed that the app will now come pre-loaded on AT&T's Android phones. The devices will start being sold this summer. AT&T will also become the cellular provider of Uber drivers, so both companies are benefitting from the deal. This will bring the Uber app to up to 50 million phones in the United States. 

The news comes as Uber looks to raise another round of funding, hoping to bring in more than $500 million in new financing. The company could be valued as high as $17 billion.

It also arrives shortly after Google integrated Uber into its Maps feature as a form of directions earlier this month. It looks like Uber is trying to blow away the competition by not only offering their service in more cities (about a hundred so far), but also by partnering with well established tech companies, to insert their brand wherever people might need.

If you are an AT&T Android user who isn't so fond of Uber, you will still be able to download competitive apps like Gett and Hailo.

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