This is What Amazon's New Phone Is Supposed to Look Like

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Tech site BGR obtained an exclusive rendering of the new Amazon mobile device, shedding more light on the look and functionality of the phone. Amazon's first mobile device is set to be released this fall and while there are certainly some revolutionary features (3D phone, anyone?), it actually looks like every other smartphone on the market.

The specs are as expected: 4.7-inch display, 720p HD resolution, six cameras (including the four front facing cameras that monitor the user's eyes to create a 3D effect.)

Upon first impression, the phone looks pretty ... boring. It seems like a cross between the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the now-obsolete iPhone 3. The image obtained by BGR was apparently used by graphic designers at Amazon. While it only appears in black, the lackluster design lends itself to color. Amazon could go the way of HTC and iPhone 5C with a rainbow series. Because the design is not bringing anything revolutionary to the table, the success of the phone will rely on the software, the six-camera functionality, and the data plan, whatever that might be. Amazon has promised "Prime Data" on this device, but hasn't specified what this is. It is rumored that the "Prime Data" could be an exclusive deal between AT&T and Amazon, allowing for video and music streaming, using Amazon's own offerings as the backbone.

Considering how saturated the smartphone market already is, Amazon will need to bring something major to the table to take a significant bite out of Samsung and Apple. Based on the designs we've seen so far, this does not seem to be it. 

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