The Six-Legged Running Robot Is Here to Entertain You

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Move over remote control cars and helicopters: the world of dad toys needs to make room for the world's first six-legged running robot. OutRunner has created a self balancing robot that can run up to 20 miles per hour on its wildly spinning legs. (That's almost as fast as Google's autonomous car can go.) The robot has up to two hours of battery life and perhaps most fun of all, it can go on any terrain. So when you're relaxing on the beach, break out OutRunner for some sand-kicking entertainment. 

There are two models of the robot: Core and Performance. The Core robot is just for fun, whereas the Performance version features "state of the art sensors" that are perfect for racing other six-legged robots. Because when you have a robot, and you have friends that have robots, and you guys race them. Duh.

The Core model can only go up to 10 MPH, lasts just an hour, and is controlled by a standard remote, but it does have a Universal Camera Mount if you want to record what OutRunner is up to. For the more serious robotics lover, there is Performance, which lasts up to two hours, goes 20 MPH, and can have up to 12 legs in total. This version is controlled via remote or smartphone, has a camera, and is calibrated for higher performance. You can even livestream the data and video from the Performance model to your smartphone. It also comes in fancy racing designs. 

As for the races, well, OutRunner is looking to offer a full variety of options to their robot owners. They're looking to organize "the world's first competition of running robots" in 2015. The event would include a drag race, endurance race and a slalom race. 

So $299 gets you the OutRunner Core and for $799, you get the OutRunner Performance. Enjoy, robotics lovers. 

Watch OutRunner in action:

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