The Newest Consumer Drone Is Basically a Flying HD Camera

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One of the newest commercial drones soon to be available on the market is more of a flying camera then a traditional drone. French company Parrot has created "Bebop," their newest, most advanced drone that comes equipped with HD video, image stabilization, and a 180-degree view. Bebop can be controlled via Apple or Android devices, just by downloading the app. 

Unlike other drones, Bebop has an impressive, unusual lens. The lens responsible for the HD streaming is a 14-megapixel fish-eye. The whole drone weighs under one pound. Another impressive feature is the Wi-Fi radio reach, which allows the flight range to be up to two kilometers. If you're looking to really complete your drone flying outfit, thrown on your Oculus Rift headset, which you can use to pilot Bebop.

On the downside, battery life is only twelve minutes. Unless it's going at break neck speeds, Bebop might not even make it to its full flight range in that time. 

Bebop is not yet priced — it will be available later this year — but Parrot's most popular drone is around $300, so we can expect Bebop to be in that general range. Check out the drone in action here:

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