The Most ’90s Thing That Could Ever Exist


Just. Wow.

This image is bouncing around on Twitter thanks to Jehan Ranasinghe, who dug this thing up, presumably with a time machine, and then tweeted this picture.

Even better, someone has actually digitized the entire thing! It features what it claims to be the first "cyber sitcom" (I guess?), which is a bizarrely meta take on the Wizard of Oz (I guess?). It opens on the 5th floor of Microsoft with Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry singing, "Task bars and email and shortcuts oh my!"

Yes, I am serious.

This is more ’90s than Naughty by Nature. More ’90s than Larry Johnson's Charlotte Hornets. More ’90s than Doc Martens and flannel. More ’90s than Road Rules, even.

You're welcome.