Spotify Was Hacked, but You're Probably Fine

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Spotify posted on their company blog today that their systems were compromised. While that's never good to hear, luckily, only one user's data was breached and that breach did not include any password, financial and payment data. If you are that one user, Spotify has reached out to you directly. (Our condolences, that sounds like a big bummer.) 

The company says they don't anticipate any more problems. But just in case, Spotify will offer an update to their Android users in the coming days. (iOS and Windows were not affected.) They will also ask some users to re-enter their username and password in the app over the next few days. As for offline playlists, they will have to re-downloaded after the update is applied, but other than that, most users should be unaffected.

A hack is never a good thing, but we can applaud Spotify for acting quickly and transparently, unlike the EBay/PayPal muddled hack information from last week. 

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