Snapchat, the App Frat Bros Love, Was Started By the Frattiest Bro of Them All

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Evan Spiegel, the CEO and cofounder of Snapchat, has created a massively popular mobile application. High schoolers love it, college kids love it, twenty-somethings who like sending dick pics really love it. It's designed to send pictures (and now texts) and leave no trace behindIt's basically a frat boys dream, and as it turns out, Spiegel was the ultimate frat guy during his time at Stanford. 

In emails obtained by Valleywag from Spiegel's college days, Spiegel comes across basically the way you would expect him to: kind of a jerk who loves to party. Most of the emails were sent amongst his fraternity brothers, but in the pass of stories about partying, sex, and stripper poles were the beginnings of Snapchat.

Amongst many emails like the one above was Spiegel's first effort to build the company that would become Snapchat:

FutureFreshman (a guide for high school student applying to colleges) ended up failing, then morphing into Picaboo, which eventually became Snapchat. So, somewhere between all the keg stands and make out sessions (that's what the kids these days are doing, right?), Spiegel did manage to get into the startup world and create a business that's potentially worth billions.

Frat houses: the original startup incubator. 

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