Samsung's Occulus Headset Sounds Like a Modern Day View-Master

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Samsung is making a virtual reality headset with the help of Oculus Rift. According to a report from Engadget's Ben Gilbert, the two companies have formed a partnership where Oculus is going to handle all the software and Samsung is handling the hardware.  

Oculus will be helping Samsung design the device, which will be constructed without a built-in screen. Instead, the screen used will be that of your Samsung smartphone, which you plug into the larger device. Think of an old school View-Master: you pop the images into the device, and look into it. Ta-da. Fancy picture machine.

The virtual reality headset will be "navigated solely through motion and voice," according to The Verge. Right now, it includes nodding as a navigation option but that will likely be removed (too much room for error.)

In exchange for Oculus aiding Samsung with the headset, Samsung will provide Oculus with early access to their "next-gen" OLED screens — that are "higher def than 1080p," according to Engadget. Those will be vital to the "consumer hardware roadmap" for Oculus.

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