Paypal President Responds To Former Employee's Angry, Strange Tweets

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The saga of Rakesh Agrawal, Paypal's former director of strategy, just got juicier. Paypal president David Marcus has responded to Agrawal's tweets on the site in a message entitled "Moving On." It's not very friendly.

Agrawal has been tweeting strangely over the last few days, saying things like "jjjjj 999 I'm k nokkkkkiikkknokkkkkiikkkkkkjj nmo88iok99okkoolooolo," "Fuck you dmac1," and also doing some kind of contest for journalists to find him in New York City, give him a gold iPhone or a "fully specced" MacBook Air, and get "the best story ever." 

He claimed his earlier tweets that started this all (and have since been deleted) were meant to be DMs, but Paypal soon tweeted that he was "no longer with the company. Treat everyone with respect. No excuses. PayPal has zero tolerance." Agrawal says he quit the day before Paypal's tweet, and "think[s] the world" of Marcus, his former boss.

The feeling isn't mutual. From Marcus' statement:

... the turn of events over the past few days have been shocking and sad. Stan Chudnovsky, our VP of Growth and Strategy, invited Rocky to join his team to help PayPal chart the future of payments for small businesses and entrepreneurs. But instead of focusing on that amazing opportunity, Rocky chose to turn a career-defining moment into career-destroying infamy. 

Since his tasteless tweets first became public, Rocky has posted positive remarks about myself and other PayPal leaders. Thanks but no thanks, Rocky. When you attack and insult my team, you attack, and insult me and the rest of PayPal. I think the world of the people you’ve insulted. They are some of the best people I’ve worked with in my career, and I will not tolerate your mad rants any longer.

Now...if you're a close friend of Rocky's and you're out there, I'd strongly suggest getting to him sooner rather than later, as his behavior is extremely worrisome.

Marcus closed by saying that Paypal would move "onward with dignity and respect." Of course, if Marcus really does think Agrawal is displaying "worrisome behavior" with his "mad rants," you'd think he'd be a bit kinder or more understanding in his response. Or just leave it be. It's not like Agrawal's behavior reflects poorly upon Paypal at this point, or ever. Marcus' response, on the other hand, does.

As for Agrawal, he looked up from his dinner meeting with a tech reporter to tweet that he isn't drunk and that Paypal was threatening to sue him:


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