New Google Tablet Will Be Able to Capture 3D Images

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Google's is developing a new table that will have some seriously impressive technology: Welcome 3D imaging to Google's ever growing list of capabilities. The Wall Street Journal reports the tablet will have "advanced vision capabilities," which can capture three-dimensional objects with great precision. 

The new tablet will have two rear facing cameras, a seven-inch display, advanced imaging software, and infrared depth sensors. Manufacturing is set to start next month on 4,000 prototypes. 

This newest device is likely part of Google's Project Tango, part of the Google Advanced Technology and Projects group. The goal of Project Tango "is to give smartphones the ability to do realistic 3D mapping and create virtual experiences as the phone's owner moves through the real world."

This technology can be used for a variety of things, from scanning the dimensions of a home to helping the visually impaired through a space, and even for games. Any space can now become a virtual-reality playground. 

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